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In collaboration with our partners, we develop inspired accessibility solutions to enrich lives and promote inclusivity

With a multitude of accessibility products addressing a range of customer requirements, Mobility Networks is the number one provider of mobility solutions.

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iCLASS™ Inboard wheelchair lift

iCLASS™ - the innovative and cost-efficient wheelchair inboard lift

The iCLASS™ is the pinnacle of inboard lifts, built for global mobility needs. The new iCLASS™ range of twin arm lifts has transformed the way we address personal and public mobility.

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Mobility Networks is the international leader in the provision of specialist vehicle access solutions

Meeting the needs of M1, M2 & M3 vehicles, WAVs, PTS/ambulances through to trams and trains, Mobility Networks is regarded as first choice worldwide for it’s high quality lifts, ramps, escape hatches, lowered WAV floors and more.

Accessibility products for Personal Mobility

Products for Personal Mobility [M1]

From seats and lifts to conversion kits, Mobility Networks provide solutions to increase comfort and independence.

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Accessibility products for Mini & Midi Buses

Products for Mini & Midi Buses [M2]

We offer the most comprehensive product range for mini and midi buses with cassette and inboard lifts, WAV & Taxi Kits, ramps, steps, railing, seats, flooring, winches and safety barriers that set the industry standards in safety, innovation, reliability and cost-efficiency.

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Products for City Buses & Coaches [M3]

With variety of lifts, ramps, seats and railing that meet any technical and budget demands, our city bus range is the preferred choice of some of the leading Public Transport Operators in the EU and beyond.

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Accessibility products for Emergency Vehicles

Products for Emergency Vehicles

We provide steps, lifts and ramps to help the emergency services provide an inclusive and efficient service.

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