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iCLASS™ 2021 Inboard Lift

A lift built for global mobility needs

Innovative and cost-efficient wheelchair inboard lift designed to reduce complexity and enhance reliability

The iCLASS™ offers a unique design that provides optimum performance and super quiet operation. With a passenger safety zone, versatile set up for a range of vehicles, and lifting capacity of up to 425 kg, the new iCLASS™ is a truly innovative and unique addition to the Mobility Networks range.


Safety & Performance Without Compromise

The iCLASS™ has been designed with a multitude of safety features to protect the disabled passenger, vehicle passengers, the operator and anyone in close proximity to the vehicle.

Every product we produce is designed to not only meet the requirements of the customer, but to exceed their expectations with our safety and performance features.

Forging craftsmanship with technology

3 models to suit a range of vehicle and customer requirements

Click on the model to view specifications

Performance optimising intelligent ECU

Using an intelligent ECU and high quality materials, this lift ensures a safe and reliable user experience.

Wheelchair lift iClass inboard lift

Super quiet operation and a unique anti-rattle design.

iClass inboard wheelchair lift

Multiple platform types and dimensions to fulfil all vehicle and application requirements

  • IP67 Protected cables and plugs
  • Anti-drift mechanism
  • Mechanical system bridge-plate with anti-slip
  • Self-leveling anti-ratling mechanism
  • Punched sheet platform
  • Sturdy, no wheels roll-off ramp
  • Genius ECU
  • Super quiet power-pack

Going beyond compliance...

The iCLASS™ product range comes with 3 different handrail options. With Mobility Networks’ products, the customer can focus on comfort and design, leaving the safety to us. At Mobility Networks, we are compliant with the laws that ensure the safety of passengers and vehicle operators. Not only are we European compliant, but our products exceed the standards set by the worldwide market. We’re proud of this, and we think it highlights our commitment to safety across our product range, at home and abroad.

Standard Handrail
Extended Handrail
Optional Extra
Folded Handrail
Optional Extra

Available Models

  • Solid Platform

    Solid Platform A A1 B C D E Platform Length Capacity Lift Weight Height from Ground Max Clearance of arms from bumper
    iCLASS™ P90138 1106 1196 325 1285 1486 900 1380 425 kg 148 kg 1000 300
    iCLASS™ P80130 1006 1096 325 1185 1406 800 1300 425 kg 140 kg 1000 300
    iCLASS™ US Lift P84138D 1046 1136 350 1206 1487 840 1380 800 lb 348 lb 1220 366
  • Split Platform

    Split Platform A A1 ** B C D E Platform Length Capacity Lift Weight Height from Ground Max Clearance of arms from bumper
    iCLASS™ SP90138 1106 1196 585 1285 1488 900 1380 425 kg 167 kg 1000 300
    iCLASS™ SP90148L 1105 1195 552 1277 1580 900 1480 425 kg 171 kg 1000 300
    iCLASS™ SP80130 1045 1135 525 1220 1437 840 1300 425 kg 158 kg 1000 300
    iCLASS™ SP76100 966 - 430 1115 1120 760 1000 425 kg 134 kg 790 320
    iCLASS™ SP76110 966 - 500 1120 1250 760 1100 425 kg 136 kg 790 320

    ** = Width with fixed handrails

  • Folded Platform

    Folded Platform A A1 ** B C D D1 E Platform Length Capacity Lift Weight Height from Ground Max Clearance of arms from bumper ("X")
    iCLASS™ FP84138 1106 1196 385 1275 1181 1230 840 1380 425 kg 149 kg 1000 340
    iCLASS™ FP80150 1058 1148 385 1195 1191 1240 800 1500 425 kg 151 kg 1000 340
    iCLASS™ FP70115 1006 1096 385 1175 1074 1230 700 1150 425 kg 130 kg 790 320
    iCLASS™ FP74138 966 - 385 1190 1181 - 740 1380 425 kg 145 kg 1000 340

Solid Platform

The solid platform is the perfect lift for budget-conscious consumers because it offers a low initial and lifetime cost. Its all-steel frame is designed with high quality and superior functionality. This lift sets the standard for platform lifts in the industry


Folded Platform

The innovative Folded Platform lift provides a longer platform without obstructing visibility. These bi-fold platforms maximise unobstructed views for passengers. Longer platforms work well for users with larger wheelchairs/scooters or users needing a vehicle with a lower roof height as well as a large platform.


Split Platform

The SP model is a fully-automatic split platform lift that folds up and out of the way at the push of a button, offering complete access to the vehicle interior. This unique split platform design is a popular solution because it leaves a clear pathway for passengers to enter and exit without deploying the lift.

Standard Features

425 kg Capacity Across Range

425 kg Capacity Across Range

Twin Flashing Lights

Twin Flashing Lights

Frog lights for illumination of platform

Frog lights for illumination of platform

Anti-rattle Bolt Covers

Anti-rattle Bolt Covers

Manual Override via Manual Pump Handle

Manual Override via Manual Pump Handle

Weatherproof mesh platform and non-slip material on roll off ramp

Weatherproof mesh platform and non-slip material on roll off ramp

Optional Features

LED Strip lights

LED Strip lights

Extended Handrails

Extended Handrails

Handrail Control Switch

Handrail Control Switch

Download the app

Available for Android and iPhone

Download FOR ANDROID Download FOR iOS

Requires a late 2019 model of iCLASS™ FMVSS / ADA / 2021 lift.

General characteristics

Floor height (floor to ground) max

1000 mm

Loading capacity (SWL)

425 kg

Lift standard weight

130 kg to 171 kg

Electric motor power

0.5 kW

Back-up pump


Electrical system



SWL and CE certificates issued and ISO accredited production, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 2015


LOLER Installation Compliance

Type approval

Meets ECWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval) and EC Directive 95-54-EC

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