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Inboard Lift DoorSafe

Perfect addition to any of our Inboard lifts

World class engineering

The Inboard Lift DoorSafe has been specifically engineered to act as a fixed, strong, physical barrier, used to protect passengers when the rear doors to a vehicle are open.

Guaranteed Compatibility

The Inboard Lift DoorSafe is the perfect addition to any of our Inboard lifts such as the iCLASS.

LED lights and clear warnings give operators peace of mind that passengers are safe at all times. LED lights are an optional extra with the Inboard Lift DoorSafe barrier.

The Inboard Lift DoorSafe is an automatic barrier with a manual override option. The manual override allows the barrier to be moved up and down in case sudden access is needed.


Simple manual override

Manual operation of Inboard Lift DoorSafe
For additional safety, the Inboard Lift DoorSafe incorporates a simple manual override as seen above – giving you instant access to either side of the barrier. The manual override is operated by a small button on the joining end of the barrier.

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