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Concealed Cassette Lift

A unique mobility solution to suit all minibuses

The Concealed Cassette Lift combines aesthetics, concealment within the vehicle floor and the prevention of ground clearance issues

This lift has been designed with cutting edge materials making it 50 kg lighter than similar models.


It does not affect ground clearance (minibuses can drive over multiple speed humps or across uneven surfaces)

The Lite version operates with 30% less hydraulic pressure than other models, saving battery power when loading

Optional Features

Flashing light

Flashing lights

Audible warning device

Audible warning device

Cycle counter

Cycle counter

Extendable Handrails

Extendable Handrails

Door Safe

Door Safe II

Stop safe ultra

Stop safe ultra

General characteristics

Platform usable size

825mm (w) x 1405mm (l)

Cassette size

1000mm (w) x 1700mm (l) x 175mm (d)

Max. lifting height

Up to 1150mm (Ground to vehicle floor)

Lift standard weight

235 kg

Lifting capacity SWL

300 kg

Standard weight

235 kg


SWL and CE certificates issued and ISO accredited production


LOLER Installation Compliance

Type approval

Meets ECWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval)

Downloads & User manual

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