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aCLASS™ Inboard Lift

The strongest and most stable lift in class

The aCLASS™ wheelchair inboard lift is made from premium components and tested for high-level use and performance

With an extra large platform and ergonomic controls, this lift can hold up to 400 kg (500 kg with an upgrade) and remain stable and secure for passengers.


Anti-vibration design

This lift has the largest activation wheels in its class and a manual override so you can guarantee a safe, secure and efficient operation.

Split or solid platform

The fully automatic Inboard Lift is a split or solid platform that provides wheelchair passenger access. It folds to a vertical position within the rear or side of a vehicle when stowed.


Light Inboard Wheelchair Lift: Only 165 kg

The overall weight is only 165 kg and the lift platform can be engineered to be either a single section or split, dependent on legislative requirements across the world. 
All mechanisms rest on anti-rattle, rubber cushions so there is little or no additional vehicle noise. As a result, the lift remains intact and safe. This lift can be raised to an impressive height of 1150 mm above ground level for loading adaptability.

Inboard wheelchair lift

Highly popular choice with vehicle convertors worldwide

Through a versatile design, they deliver fast installation, weight saving components and sector leading platform sizes.

Optional Features

Flashing light

Flashing lights

Audible warning device

Audible warning device

Cycle counter

Cycle counter

Extendable Handrails

Extendable Handrails

Door Safe

Door Safe II

General characteristics

Platform usable size

815/915mm (w) x 1300/1480/1600mm (l) (Bridge-plate usable width 750/800/900mm)

Lifting capacity (SWL)

400 kg (500 kg upgrade)

Lift standard weight

165 kg


12/24 V


SWL and CE certificates issued and ISO accredited production


LOLER Installation Compliance

Safety compliance

Fully PSVAR, DDA, COIF, SVTA and BS6109 Part 2 compliant

Type approval

Meets ECWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval)

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