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Access™ Mega Cassette Lift

Compatible with all coach models

The widest lift option on the market

Suitable for the bottom, middle or upper locker compartments, the Access™ Mega Cassette Lift is the perfect addition to any coach. Compatible with all coach models, the lift can be quickly installed and is the most durable, stable and secure platform available.

background image with a wheelchair passenger lift

Robust, durable and secure

The Access Mega Cassette can lift up to 400 kg and there are multiple optional extras which sit alongside this product.

Product highlights include:

  • solid handrails
  • extra protective side guards
  • service access panel
  • noise blocking acoustic cassette
  • extra long two piece roll off ramp
  • self levelling roll off ramp
  • stainless steel platform sides and an anti-slip surface

Precision and quality

This lift can be located within the bottom locker and is suitable for touring coaches with up to a 1.7 m ground-to-deck height. It has a loading capacity of 400 kg as standard with a 500 kg optional upgrade – it is one of the strongest and largest coach cassette lifts on the market.

Ideal for retro-fitting or new coach builds

This disabled access lift for wheelchair passengers has semi-automatic operation with only the platform extension and handrail requiring manual deployment.

Mega Cassette Passenger Lift

Housed in the bottom locker

Corrosion from external environmental elements is avoided so lift performance is maximised. Anti-rattle features are fitted as standard so no additional noise is experienced with the lift installed.

Lift housed in the bottom locker

Internal locker space maximised

Despite its significant size, internal locker space is maximised as the the lift is stowed in a compact cassette. There are a variety of platform lengths and widths available ranging from: 1.4 m to 2 m in length , and 825 mm and 925 mm in width .


Optional Features

Extendable Handrails

Extendable Handrails

Flashing light

Flashing lights

Audible warning device

Audible warning device

cycle counter

Cycle counter

Remote control

Remote control

Stop safe ultra

Stop safe ultra

General characteristics

Platform size

825 / 925mm (w) x 1410 / 1510 / 1610 / 2000mm (l)

Cassette size

1000mm (w) x 1550 / 2260mm (l) x 220 mm (d)

Max. lifting height

Up to 1700mm (Ground to vehicle floor)

Lift standard weight

230 - 270 kg

Lifting capacity

400 kg


Fully PSVAR, DDA, COIF, SVTA and BS6109 Part 2 compliant


SWL and CE certificates issued and ISO accredited production


LOLER Installation Compliance

Type approval

Meets ECWVTA (European Whole Vehicle Type Approval)

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